What Makes A Man Jun13


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What Makes A Man

What makes a man a man
Is there a secret formula
the right mix of brains and brawn and friends
so when he lays his head down he knows
its done, 100%

I have tried sweet Jesus
He got 99.
But that last 1% was too great for my mind
bigger than all that had come before and left me standing outside those red doors
but id rather live knowing I’m incomplete than pretend I’m more

Ive found those bruised apples
women, music, and God
I’ve tried to eat around the blemish
then put it back – on to search for one unspotted,
and leave that bruised fruit unfinished

So wtf makes a man a man or a she a she,
all adam’s sons and the daughters of eve
you’ve all been trying to figure it out, has no one found it??

all of your answers, they have been found wanting
and Im left with that 1% – of all things, the most haunting.