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Chicken Shit

It amazes me that in our culture in an age of great wealth, global awareness, and more in access to biblical studies than ever before, that such a large group of believers can put so much time, energy, and money into supporting an already wealthy and influential person. I don’t remember Jesus ever saying that your wealthy and powerful friends need you to rally the whole church around their business. I don’t remember Jesus ever saying that when your ideals are challenged and you are insulted that you should hurl insults back and stage a capitalistic spectacle to ‘show them’. But congratulations church. The one time you are able to mobilize thousands of people and have them spend potentially millions of dollars in one day, it isn’t to fight the preventable causes of death that kill thousands of children every day, it isn’t to help widows and orphans, no it’s to stuff your faces with fried fucking chicken. Bravo church! Well done you holy people.

And to those of you who are so willing to jump on the boycott bandwagon. Boycotting is fine but don’t think too much of yourself. While you stirred the fire and launched one more attack on worn out ideologies your other consumer choices have gone unexamined. Your coffee that was bought at the expense of a farmer’s family’s welfare, chocolate that was picked by children forced to work under harsh conditions, clothes that were stitched together by the scarred hands of someone you really don’t care about… these things speak to how thorough or not the longing for justice has broken our hearts. So in honor all of you who are inconsistently living out your principles, I am going to go have the best, most delicious, spicy chicken sandwich that our American capitalism can provide…. At Wendy’s.